Don Drasheff


Don is now retired from The State of Alabama and the U.S. Army, and lives in Prattville AL. with his wife of 47 years, Wanda. They have three children, and two grand children. Don hobbies include hunting, fishing, shooting and riding his Harleys.

About his beloved Delta Chi Fraternity Don Says ” I’ve never been closer to a bunch of guys in my life. Most of us had very little money and worked while we were in school. We had no Fraternity House back then and a lot of us roomed together. My Senior year Max Metcalf, Johnny Taylor, Tommy Nichols, Richard Fagan and I rented the down stairs of a house on South Three Notch Street and it was our unofficial Frat House. Every one called it “The House of the Rising Sun.” Our rent totaled $40 a month. That’s where we lived and partied together every weekend. Very few of us went to our home towns on weekends. Our family was our Brothers and we stayed together most weekends.”


david doveDavid is now a Commercial Underwriter with Travelers Insurance, and lives in Hoover, AL with his wife of one year, Kristin Dove, former Troy Delta Chi Sweetheart. David’s hobbies include beating up on fellow Delta Chi Alumni Andy Whittaker and Brian Dove on a regular basis in golf.

About his beloved Delta Chi Fraternity David says, “Easily the best decision I made in college was becoming a Delta Chi. There was never any decision to make as both my father Brian Dove DC 1983 and brother Joseph Dove DC 2003 were Delta Chi’s. I grew up coming to homecoming events with my dad and visiting my brother on all most every home football game weekend in high school. When I joined in ’08 we were at arguably the lowest point in our history with only 9 active brothers and my pledge class of 13. We hadn’t made our grades in over a year and half and were thousands of dollars in debt with national. However, the determination and leadership of that group was second to none. With the hard work of the 16 actives in the fall of ’09 and the help of Steve Campbell, Brenda Campbell, John Ferguson, Mark Kelly, Dale Taylor, Shane Tatum and many more by the fall of 2011 we eliminated the debt, made our grades, and got to the height of membership during my term which was just short of 50 members. Delta Chi gave me countless lifelong friends across all age groups and is where I met my wife and best friend of over 6 years. The lessons I learned in leadership serving as Treasurer for two years and President for one year was invaluable.”


David Dove

Jenny Clark Richie – First Troy DC Sweetheart 1966

Jenny Clark Richie - First Troy DC Sweetheart 1966Jenny Clark Richie is now retired from Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics.  She moved back from Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 2004, to her hometown of Ozark, AL, after being away for 38 years.

She lives with her husband of 50 years, Rodney.  They have 2 daughters in Coral Springs and Winter Park, FL, respectively, and 3 grandchildren.  Her grandson just enrolled at Troy University this spring semester and hopes to play for the Trojans!

She loves spending time at Cape San Blas, FL where they have a townhouse.  Also she enjoys traveling, reading and friends.

Jenny says being the first Delta Chi Sweetheart at Troy was a great honor and has many fond memories of Delta Chi and Troy.



2017 ADAM PARKER PICAdam Parker is an attorney in Dothan, Alabama and First Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force Reserve at Maxwell Air Force Base. He lives in Dothan, Alabama with his wife of 3 years, Sarah.  They are currently expecting their first child, while also seeking to adopt.  Adam’s hobbies include hunting, exercising, and traveling.

About his beloved Delta Chi Fraternity Adam says, “I truly consider Delta Chi to be the brotherhood of a lifetime. I have kept up with quite a few brothers since graduation in bonds that I believe will last a lifetime.  Because Delta Chi was originally founded as a law fraternity, I always seek to advance justice in my profession. A Delta Chi is always concerned with doing the right thing, even when it might not be the popular thing to do.”



First Day of Troy Delta Chi

Winston is now retired after 30 years in education (as math teacher, principal and coach) and 25 years in city government (as mayor and city council member of Headland AL). He is now serving his 16th year on the Board of the Southeast Alabama Gas District. Winston lives in his hometown of Headland and has one daughter, Ashley. He loves Panama City Beach, singing karaoke and attending Troy football games.

About his beloved Delta Chi Fraternity Winston says, “I have served on many boards and committees, and been a Worshipful Master of Lodge 438 as a 32nd degree Mason in Headland; however, none of these honors tops being the first president and first initiate of the best fraternity on the Troy campus! The bonds, friendships and memories I made as a Delta Chi are so wonderful and precious to me. I am so very proud and honored to be a Delta Chi! Thanks to everyone who has kept our beloved fraternity thriving for the past 50 years”. ITB



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